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The guided tour includes 6 runs for a guarantee of 18,000 to 20,000 vertical feet.  A days tour is always contingent upon weather, snowpack and helicopter operatrions.  These three things will dictate the days activities as your safety and well being are our first priority.  Inquire about the use of the Head Ski & Snowboard equipment.  Reservations are required.  

Contact 801-745-4631    



Do I have to jump out of the helicopter?


No.  To ensure the safety of everyone, we will land the helicopter in a designated landing zone.  You will be able to step out of the helicopter at the direction of the pilot and heli-guide.

What should I bring?


Please bring your avalanche transciever and your skiing or snowboarding equipment.  Wear appropriate layered clothing for the changing temperatures, sunscreen and sun glasses, and of course possibly a hat and gloves.  A camera is always welcome along with a smile for the day.  **NOTE** If you do not own an avalanche transciever, we will assign you one of ours.

What ability level should I be to participate?


We require your skiing or snowboarding abilities to be of an agressive, upper level intermediate or higher. It is a safer more enjoyable experience for all when this guideline is adhered to.

Do I need to bring a lunch?


It is not necessary to bring a lunch with you.  Food, snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the day.  Hydration is an important factor for your safety and well being when recreating at these high altitudes.  

A Typical Tour Agenda...
  • Call Diamond Peaks (801-745-4631) for final tour approval and go-ahead at 7:30 AM

  • Meet at designated Heli-Spot, Heli-Pad, or Landing Zone at approximately 9:00 AM

  • Register, Group Assignments, and Safety Instruction Protocols.

  • First lift to the mountain at approximately 10:00 AM

  • Return to base at approximately 3:00 PM

For more answers to your questions, please call...
801-745-4631.  We are happy to help you!




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